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Enhanced Scanning and Reading Software

Making print and text accessible to the blind and those with low vision

OpenBook converts printed documents, including text saved in TIFF or PDF format, into an electronic text format on your computer, using the latest in accurate optical character recognition (OCR) and quality speech.

Clear, Understandable Speech

OpenBook includes the two leading software synthesizers: RealSpeak Solor Direct with its natural, human sounding voice; and the efficient syntehsized voice of Eloquence for editing or skimming documents.

Customised Viewing

Tailor the appearance of text on your screen, including font style, size, character spacing and colours. The Split View option allows for easy comparison of the original document and the results of OCR conversion. The Masking and Word Spotlighting features synchronise with the text being read, making it easy to follow the screen position during reading.

Mark Up Your Documents

Utilise the Highlight feature to mark important passages of a document for later reference and to quickly navigate within your document. Insert comments in a document and keep those comments hidden or have them announced during document review. Export highlights and comments into new documents for easy review.

Maximise Productivity

Share your documents with friends, co-workers, or relatives. Easily export OpenBook documents to other applications. The Photocopy feature in OpenBook uses your computer, scanner, or PEAL camera, and printer to create copies. Import documents from other applications so you can read and work with them in OpenBook. Create and quickly optimise settings for specific tasks.

OpenBook is a downloadable program. Purchase from us online and receive details for your log in for a quick and easy download.

Download Only

Additional Features:

  • Easy document navigation.
  • Search for and download books from the Internet.
  • Full support for DAISY and other audio files.
  • Built-in Braille support.
  • Easy-to-learn keystrokes.
  • Multi-user option included.

Additional Features if used with PEARL camera:

  • Compact, lightweight, portable folding camera depolys in seconds to connect to your computer and snap a picture of your reading material.
  • Instantaneous capturing of images shortens the time to access text to mere seconds.
  • Use the PEARL to view a magnified live video image on your computer.

Business and Classroom Features

  • Enhanced ability to search for and download books and other materials from the Internet
  • Full support for listening to DAISY and other audio files
  • Add comments and highlighting for increased productivity
  • Emboss Braille documents directly from OpenBook
  • Export to other applications like Microsoft Word
  • Common key commands with JAWS and MAGic
  • Built-in photocopy functionality

To use OpenBook scanning and reading software, you need a personal computer running Microsoft Windows with the following specification:

  • Operating System - All 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008
  • Processor speed -  500 MHz Intel Pentiumor faster
  • Memory (RAM) -  256 MB (512 MB recommended)
  • Required hard disk space -  1.2 GB (on the drive containing the Program Files and Windows folders)
  • Video -  256 color graphics
  • Sound -  Windows compatible sound card
  • Keyboard -  104 key keyboard
  • Acquisition device -  A TWAIN or WIA-compatible flatbed scanner or a Freedom Scientific camera