The ZoomText development team has delivered a robust set of version 11.6 updates for ZoomText 11 Magnifier, Magnifier/Reader and Fusion. These free updates provide important enhancements in the ZoomText software, improving performance, stability and functionality of ZoomText’s features and tools. These updates include support for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (coming October 17th), improved performance and navigation in AppReader and Finder, improved support for Chrome, and more. You can learn about all of the changes in the 11.6 update in the ZoomText 11 release notes:

To get the ZoomText 11.6 updates (for Magnifier and Magnifier/Reader)

  • If a previous version of ZoomText 11 Magnifier or Magnifier Reader is already installed on your system, go to the ZoomText 11 toolbar and choose ZoomText > Manage License > Check for Updates. This will launch the update wizard and walk you through the fast update process.

    If you need to install ZoomText 11.6 Magnifier or Magnifier/Reader on a new system (where ZoomText is not yet installed), you can download the full installer from the ZoomText Downloads webpage: On this webpage, go to the section titled “ZoomText 11 Magnifier and Magnifier/Reader” and choose the installer that matches your license type.

To get the Fusion 11.6 updates

  • Go to the ZoomText Downloads webpage: On this page, go to the section titled Fusion 11 and choose the installer that matches the language you require.

We hope you are enjoying ZoomText 11 and would love to hear your thoughts on how we can make it better. Send your feedback