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GoVision Pro OCR (A)

GoVision Pro OCR (A)
GoVision Pro OCR (A)
GoVision Pro OCR (A)
GoVision Pro OCR (A)
GoVision Pro OCR (A)
GoVision Pro OCR (A)
GoVision Pro OCR (A)
GoVision Pro OCR (A)
GoVision Pro OCR (A)
GoVision Pro OCR (A)
GoVision Pro OCR (A)
GoVision Pro OCR (A)
GoVision Pro OCR (A)
GoVision Pro OCR (A)
GoVision Pro OCR (A)

Everything You Need in One Device: 

24-inch High-Definition desktop magnifier with Full-Page OCR and text-to-speech.  

Productivity Magnified: Look, Listen, Connect and Play!

Transportable Read, Write, and Distance Video Magnifier with 24" LCD, Built-in OCR, USB Port and Compatibility with Phones, Tablets, Computers.

GoVision is an all-in-one, space-saving HD video magnifier that combines all the best features of a desktop video magnifier with transportability and connectivity unrivaled by other products.

Take GoVision wherever you need it to magnify text, view photos, check ingredients on food packaging, do crafts, and much more. Use Self-View Mode for personal grooming or applying make-up before you leave the house. Take GoVision with you to use the Distance Mode with the 360° camera rotation to view a whiteboard in the classroom or a presentation at work.

  • Sharp, high-definition magnification for reading, writing, distance and self-viewing
  • Integrated OCR text-to-speech
  • Video-in supports PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices
  • Saves captured images and scanned files to USB drive
  • Opens documents, images and video from USB drive
  • Easy-to-use remote and convenient multi-function jog switch controls
  • Unique digital photo frame for 24″ LCD viewing

OCR for printed text and media support for photos, videos, and stored documents

It's easy to capture and OCR  printed text with GoVision's wired remote control. Captured text can be read aloud immediately or saved for later use. Students can OCR capture library books or printed test materials then use their favourite pair of earbuds to listen to questions read aloud without disturbing their classmates.

GoVision can also open documents, photos and videos saved from your computer or mobile device onto a USB flash drive. Magnification, text colour, and LED light can be adjusted using the remote or the multi-function jog switch located on the side of the camera.

Take GoVision Wherever You Need It and Connect with All of Your Favourite Devices

Transporting GoVision from home to school or work is easy. Simply rotate the camera arm and camera head so they are parallel to the screen, then raise a single lever to lower the arm and camera head into position behind the monitor. For optimal portability, a rolling case (sold separately) can be used.

Connect your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac via HDMI to magnify email, Google Maps and other programs and apps while away from home.

Its HD magnification near and far, built-in OCR, wide range of device connectivity, and transportable design make GoVision the perfect all-in-one magnifier for students, professionals and active adults.


  • Dual Cameras: HD, 60fps + 13MP full-page OCR Camera


  • HDMI: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android (iOS/Android converter not included)

Viewing Modes

  • Near View, Distance View (360° camera rotation), Self View


  • 1.7x ~ 73x in Near View Mode
  • Built-in voice guide, speaker, earphone jack, volume control

Colour modes

  • 7 modes, 4 user-definable, 58 total possible colour combinations

Supported file formats

  • Documents: PDF, DOC, DOCX, DOT, DOTX, TXT, ASC, RTF
  • Images: PNG, BMP, JPG(JPEG) Video: MPEG-4 Subtitles: SMI, SRT


  • Full-page OCR with Guide Frame, Column Reading and automatic language detection


  • USB port supports saving images as PNG and OCR text as DOC (text only), TXT, PNG or MP3


  • 42.6 cm x 57.4 cm x 18.7 cm (folded) ( W x D x H)


  • 8.4 kg

GoVision Pro Basic Functions:

GoVision Pro Advanced Functions: